The Romanian Connection Synopsis

The Romanian Connection Synopsis

This beautiful website was created by Doris Pelger and Eva Hörner to promote Richard Roche’s (my) Elit award winning novel, The Romanian Connection. If you like spy novels, I recommend that you immediately order a Kindle version or a hard copy of The Romanian Connection only from Amazon (.com,, .de, .es, .fr, .it, etc.) or purchase the novel at the San Marco Bookstore in Jacksonville, Florida or at Whistlin’ Dixie in Folkston, Georgia.

The Romanian Connection is a suspenseful spy novel having the romantic aspects of As Times Goes By (Casablanca). Unlike the beautiful Ingred Bergmann in Casablanca, Ludvia Kerensky, the female protagonist in The Romanian Connection, is not only beautiful; she is also highly competent and results-oriented. I am happy to note that the Elit Awards in 2012 recognized The Romanian Connection as the third best romance novel ebook published in the North American market in 2011. In 2013 the novel was also selected as a Reader’s Favorite finalist.

The novel’s plot deals with American CIA Agent, Jack Hollingsworth, and Russian Foreign Intelligence Agent, Ludvia Kerensky, searching together for stolen Russian Scaleboard Missiles in Romania. Jack is also there to find and kill the Romanian agents who, for no apparent reason, had killed his wife and teenage daughter. Although Jack and Ludvia distrust each other because of their different political ideologies, they overcome this distrust after Ludvia repeatedly protects Jack from industrial spies, deceitful CIA agents, and the Romanian Secret Police. When Jack is finally ready to report the location of the missiles to the US military, Ludvia reveals that her primary Romanian connection is the Prince of Simbata, Jack’s most bitter enemy. The climax of the novel shows that the willingness to give up one’s life for faith and trust is more important than political ideologies and revenge. According to book reviewers, The Romanian Connection has action, the intrigue of espionage and international politics, and also romance.

The Romanian Connection will provide you the additional benefit of introducing you to the wonderful country of Romania, a land with beautiful beaches, vast wheat fields, white-capped mountains, medieval-like villages, baroque castles, and Germanic, stone fortresses. Readers interested in the interior contents of the novel can read its Preface and a sampling of what’s Inside the Novel. You can order the book at if it is not available at your local book store. I actually recommend that you purchase it directly from to avoid bookstores’ mark-up costs.

Please visit the “Romania” section of this website and share with everybody your interests and experiences in this country. The more you get to know Romania, the more you will love it. Visit the “What’s Up!” section of this website to see what type of nonsense I am currently promoting.

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